Outlaw Mutual Aid |Guidelines

Payments.We understand that there are pros and cons to all types of mutual aid funds. This particular app requires direct payments between neighbors. Please note thatno payments can be made through our app. The app is a tool to connect folks to one another. We ask that you complete the required forms and confirm you've paid / been paid so we are able to handle any errors.The payments will be made directly to your neighbor via Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Privacy.We have created this app so that folks requesting aid can remain as anonymous as possible. However, because there is no "middle man," there is no way to keep Venmo/Paypal/Cash app/Apple/Google/etc accounts completely anonymous. Please make sure that if you are concerned about privacy (both for requesting and donating), you turn settings on those apps to "private." We cannot be responsible for any interactions that happen outside of this app.

Fraud.Please follow the honor system so this app can continue to operate and help individuals and families in our community. If you notice fraudulent activity, please email us athello@themerryoutlaw.comand write "Fraudulent Activity" in the subject line. We will do the best we can to manage any fraud or spam.

Limitations.In order to assist as many individuals as possible, we must limit it to one request per individual. We are also limiting the app to 10 open requests at a time. If we are at capacity, you will not be able to make a request. As soon as more requests are filled, spots will open up and you may submit yours.

Disclosure.The Merry Outlaw cannot be responsible for incomplete payments between users. Our role is to facilitate the exchange of funds between neighbors. We will do our best to ensure payments are completed and have a dispute system in place. However, the direct payment method used in this app relies on the honesty of its users.