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Mutual Aid
Kansas City Mutual Aid
This is a group for the community to share and request resources during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Wikipedia, "mutual aid is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit." The organization Mutual Aid Disaster Relief defines it simply as "solidarity, not charity."
Mutual Aid
The Kansas City Radical Solidarity Fund will use public donations to help those most acutely affected by the pandemic crisis to pay bills and keep a roof over their heads. We will prioritize helping black, brown, LBGTQIA+, undocumented persons, persons with disabilities, and persons from otherwise marginalized communities who are most acutely affected by joblessness and poverty at all times and especially in a crisis.
The fund is organized by the Kansas City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, incorporated as its fiscal sponsor, and is overseen by an independent steering committee of activists in several Kansas City progressive organizations.
This mutual aid fund provides economic relief for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Mutual Aid
KCMO Mutual Aid Collective
Donate to our community’s Collective Funds if you are able: Cashapp: $kcmoMAC. Venmo: @kcmoMAC.
Please reach out if you need direct financial aid or connection to local resources.
KC Tentants
In a time of crisis, we can respond to the needs of our community with collective power and mutual aid. Your donation will go toward food and supply orders for KC Tenants leaders during this outbreak so we can stay home and stay healthy as well as reimbursing for transportation and other related costs. We will adjust the goal as necessary according to the need and duration of this effort.
Part of what makes KC Tenants so strong is we are made up of deeply impacted, tenant leaders-- those closest to the problem and therefore, closest to the solution. We are single moms, the elderly, working-class, of color, queer, homeless and people of various physical and mental abilities-- which makes us strong! But in times like this, it also means we are more vulnerable. The COVID-19 outbreak will hit our people the hardest because we don't have the safety net and resources others do to stock up and stay home.
While our Federal, state and local governments fail to provide the resources needed to take care of our communities, KC Tenants is moving to provide for our people in our base who need help right now. We are not direct service providers. We are organizers. But in times like this, we have to act in radical solidarity with the leaders in our base, and we have to meet each other where we’re at. We can’t organize without meeting basic needs.
Mutual Aid
Your donations allow us to connect with people in our communities and create partnerships. With the growing need for the fight of human rights, any help is greatly appreciated.
EmploymentMutual Aid
Leveler Database
The leveler database was created to help out friends in the creative community and service industry who are currently being hit hard by COVID health and safety restrictions (venue closures/tour cancellations/shifts lost/commissions canceled/etc and so on).
Missouri Jobs with Justice
Your generous support goes directly to making real change and improving the lives of workers in our state. With your help, we will: Stand with workers as they fight against corporate greed, Protect the ballot initiative process from political antics, Fight for expanded access to health care for Missourians, Defend the will of 1.4 million Missourians who voted for increased wages and democracy reforms in 2018, Grow our movement of workers black, white, and brown, across every city and town in our state.
Mutual Aid
One Struggle KC
During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important, as it always is during times of crisis, that we center the most marginalized folks in our communities. History shows us that during these times, Black people are hit hardest and face unique challenges due to the countless ways in which federal, state, and local governments neglect, mistreat, target, and undervalue us. The loss of Black lives due to COVID-19 or any other crisis is political and is a direct indictment on the state’s gross negligence and failure to serve our communities. The reality is that they won’t protect us, so we have to fight for and protect each other... and we must act NOW!
One Struggle KC acknowledges that it is imperative that we push forward with our bail-out work. In Missouri alone, Black people make up 11.6% of the state’s population, yet we make up nearly 40% of the number of people behind bars. Many of our people remain in cages simply because they cannot afford to post bail. The criminal (in)justice system has never served us and is grossly unprepared for the COVID-19 health crisis. It is important now more than ever that we get our folks free!
These funds will be directly used to free Black people in the KC metro area and to support them upon their release.